Makara caste?

I’m burning a Makara gunship pilot (water-filled spaceships for the win!). There isn’t a specific Makara caste set of Lifepaths. I’m building him as a Ksatriyen pilot right now, because that’s where the LP’s are, but I want him in a Makara body at the end of the day. Can I just say he’s in one? Is that kosher?


Start him as a Yaadasahm Naiven. Check out the trait description on page 191.

Here’s what I gave him:

Yaadasahm Naiven/Bhrigu/Sakti/Ansaka/Angiris

Which is all Ksatriyen, but I’m assuming okay to do in a Makara body as well. (whoops, realized I can’t jump from Ansaka to Angiris as a Yaadasahm clansworm… prejudice!).


Anyway, the answer is yes, you can take Makara and Ksatriyen bodies if you have the Yaadasahm Naiven lifepath.