Making a dragon LP

First off i am not sure if the monster burner has dragons in it or not. I have it bought and coming to my house. But my friend and me are making a dragon character burner. We are going based on what age you egg is laid at for the LP. All dragons are required to take shapeshifting to fit into a none dragon world. Your breath is based on where you egg was originally physically laid at.

Really we would not mind suggestions on different traits and skills that are dragon only. We have a google doc that we are using as the notes of our work. Any suggestions?

Monster Burner has a lot of information on how to set up the weapons, stats, and things like that, but not really life paths. As far as Traits, I think a Dragon having Greed would be fitting. I would then have a list of cultural traits for color of the dragon, if you are assuming the colors have different personalities and such. Assuming dragons live forever and get stronger over time, I would give them a stat layout so more lifepaths is pretty much always better.

The MonBu has a dragon in it, I believe and its sourced from Tolkien. Think Smaug.

On what source are you basing your dragons? D&D? Tolkien? Asian-folklore? European folklore?

Are they thinking creatures with a society?

Dragons are going to have their own society, based more on Asian and European folklore.

All dragons are forced to take a shape shifting kind of skill.

So one way to do it is, if dragons have a society roughly comparable to one of the stock races, just use those LPs, with appropriate skill/trait changes and renaming of lifepaths. Then just pick a set of common traits and you’re done.

Do Dragons really have their own society? Are there rulers and farmers and blacksmiths and teachers, et al? Are there towns and cities with nothing but dragons running around?

Or do they have a born LP and that leads to any existing race setting? So this one is born than leads into the human city setting, and that one is born and then leads into the Dwarf Artificer setting?

I would suggest the born setting with lifepaths over the society setting.

Someone had once posted an idea about dragons being the final product of exceptionally greedy dwarves.

I like both ideas, but the thing with then having the dragons then go into the human, dwarf ect LPs is that it does not allow dragons to well be dragons (also my friend the other guy just wants to make more of a pure dragon LP.

But ya in our campaign, the dragons have their own villages/ kindgom (we havent discovered this kingdom yet but we will). So my basic thinking is that each “age” that your egg was origionally laid has their own basic setting. Like the 3rd age is the political age (more like noble courtish setting for humans). While the second age dragons wer the warriors eggs. Then we have the homefront eggs (farmer smith stuff).
The ages are beginning (european based, but they are too old). Dawn of ages (Chineese inspired, just the right age to be powerful). Then the first age (first contact with outside world. more of a traveling setting and a little dipolmacy). the second age a war broke out (so warriors) then peace talks happened in the third age (diplomacy) and the forth age dragons got really into helping other dragons out (so like “farming” or “treeology” because those puny herbs do little to to a massive dragon) and then the fifth age is more intergrating (though that is not the best and can be chaged if we can find something.

Dragon skills are basically dragon only skills, while general skills are your well general skills.

I can’t grasp the basic premise.

Dragon Setting and LPs are based on when the egg was born. Each age is a Setting. There are no Leads from one Setting to another.

If a dragon were born in the 4th Age, that dragon would be a farmer. That dragon could never be a diplomat or a warrior.

The most current age is the 5th Age. So there can never be additional warriors, for instance, because warriors were only born during the 2nd age?

What does a dragon village look like?

How are dragons perceived by the other races?

dragon Lp start out when the egg was origionally born/created at. The dragon in the egg form is able to view the world around him, all the world not just what it’s egg would be able to see. This power is lost when the egg is hatched. So for dragons who are used to seeing violence they would end up being more violent dragons (aka warriors). There can never be any new warrior eggs born (as in a new soul). but a dragon is “immortal” (look below for somewhat of a description). Dragons can learn how to be LP’s from earlier ages but they would be required to have a relationship (bought during Character burning) with a dragon who was of a earlier age.

dragons are “immortal.” They may die from sickness, poisons, age, wounds basically anything that can kill a human, but when they die their soul is transported into a egg again. This egg is then considered for game play to be hatched or created in the original time that the dragon’s first egg was laid/created. ex. Talath was a dragon who’s original egg was created in the beginning age. His soul has died and been brought back 6 times now, the last time he died was during the 4th age His next egg is not considered to be a forth age egg but rather still as created in the beginning. This does not mean that he is required to take the death LP, unless sometime he ended up getting his new egg placed in a location that would get him a second breath.

I would imagine that the dragon nation would be full of areas taht would fit each condition for applicable breaths. So it would be full of valcanoes, storms, caves, a place of ritual (soemthing that wouldbe full of magical energy). And then there arethe dragons who start off on the boarder of the nations near cities that are full of other races (for anima). Culture wise i have no idea as of right now. Game stat wise I still have no idea, we are still creating well All LPs to figure it out. A typical village would be more based on what thier breath would be. The nation would probably operate more like a confederate where each breath would have 1 vote. opposing elements (breath types) dislike each other in general

sorry, my friend and I have some things that we have discussed and they are just not written down on the xcel sheet.

We got the monster burner today, so we will read the section of the OP dragon (we are thinking of having these dragons be about as powerful as elves, dwarves or orcs) we will also read the section on making your own stuff (which is what we are doing).

In general, Elves hate the dragons (they were at war for years according to well us). dwarves like the dragons, orcs are neutral to the dragons (well probably hate dragons, but they hate everything) and humans think that dragons are not real.

If the dragons can’t switch settings, I don’t see the value in creating all this. You would be better off just burning them up individually as needed using the MonBu as your guide.