Making Camp requires a test?

p. 82 says “You have (to have) at least one check among you” to make camp. It has two other prereqs, but nowhere does it state that you need to make a test to make camp. However, the Survivalist factors (p. 142) include “Making Camp”. I have been running the game as no test required as per p.82, but now reading p. 142 again, have I been doing this wrong? Is the required check for camp necessary to make a Survivalist test? If not, are the “making camp” factors simply for determining the ob for amenity/precaution tests?

You can use Survivalist to improve your campsite safety or potentially, at GM discretion, to even be able to make camp at all if it is a particularly inhospitable location.

EDIT: I believe these Tests count as an adventure Turn. Survivalist might also [at GM discretion, based on camp location] be required for resupplying your waterskin, for example, which would happen in Camp thus require a Check.

That’s how I read it as well.

I’m really excited for the “expert” game. I think these rules are excellently suited to wilderness adventures, a definite improvement on the original tech.

(Of course, it’s kind of silly to be excited about the sequel to a book that’s not even technically out yet.)

Eh? There’s gonna be an Advanced Torchbearer?

I dunno. I’m just starting rumors. There are elements in the text that are unexplained, e.g., the Battle conflict.

Camp Roll Bonuses
You earn a +1 bonus to this roll if you’ve used the Survivalist skill to find a suitable site or to try to make the camp more hospitable, or if you are an elf with the Wilder benefit. Only one bonus applies.

(From p. 82)

So if I’m reading this correctly: by default, setting up camp just happens as long as it seems legit in the fiction. No test needed.

However, if you want your roll for the condition of the camp to be at +1, you need a Survivalist test to that effect, which itself eats a turn.

I interpreted this as at least one party member must have earned a check through application of his/her traits against themselves. Full stop.

Once this condition is satisfied, the group may camp. Any Survivalist test is independent of the check requirement and just applies to safety of camp. Hmm… Anyone else?

  1. You don’t need to spend a check to camp. You just need to have a check to spend in camp.

  2. You can use Survivalist to pick a site for your camp with certain amenities, like access to water so you can refill your skin. This isn’t necessary to make camp, but it can make camp more pleasant, and having those resources to return to at a later camp phase may just save your bacon.

  3. The Survivalist test to set up your camp is generally made during the adventure phase, otherwise it will happen after the Camp Events roll and won’t benefit that roll.

So it might be a good strategy, if you have the checks, to just look for a good camp location for the +1 in the adventure phase, and then look for nearby amenities using checks? Or do they necessarily have to all be rolled into one test.

Definitely. Having an Instinct about setting up camp could also be of great use: “Always find a source of potable water before camping,” for instance. Sometimes it can backfire with regard to rewards though. Once you’ve set up a camp with a source of potable water, there’s no call to use it again. If you use that same camp over and over for multiple sessions, you’ll be hard-pressed to get the Instinct reward. Of course, all it takes is one nasty twist to take your campsite away…