Making Grey weapons.

So reading all the weaponsmith type skills, I realized only war art gave mention to the rule of “If your skill is grey, the weapon your forging is grey.” Does that mean You cannot create grey weapons with riddle of steel, or weaponsmith?

That’s how I read it. However, the elves have Antiphon Union, and the Men have Enchanting.

Page 546:

Only grey and white shade abilities can create grey and white shade effects, whether the effect be a spell, a cabinet or a sword. If a lighter shade is desired, the character must have the skill shade to back it up. An Aristeia or Minor Epiphany can be used to create this effect.

My reading of this passage is that any grey-shade craftsman skill can be used to create a grey-shade item of the appropriate type.

I think that’s right. But the bigger question is what a grey shade cabinet even does.

The Armoire of Invincibility…

Well played good sir.

“You fail and create a mimic. It opens its doors invitingly before lunging at you.”

Hey, it could happen. Someone once created a gray-shaded spirit wardrobe that led to another world…

And cabinets from Ikea/Walmart probably need rules to test their damage every time someone attempts to open them.

Every time I get in a tavern brawl now I oughta role a Dof for a chance at grey shade cabinets, that would be a pretty sweet improvised weapon.
Heck I’ll just make a master carpenter now.
Can the grey bedposts I make kill dragons?

Grey-scale skill is necessary to make grey stuff, but is it sufficient? My impression (e.g. from reading MaBu) is that grey gear involves some magic in the process.

RAW simply imply that with a grey shade in the skill you can forge grey shade weapons. If i had a player character dedicate the time into skilling up to that level I may allow them within reason to make the weapons that he or she dedicated all of that story time and work towards. If they “just” hunted down someone who could make Gray weapons I would have them go on a side quest to make sure that they can find the materials needed to make that weapon.