Making Magic Scrolls (?)

One of the classic things to find in a treasure trove has always been the magic scroll. A potent, yet limited use, item that allows anyone who can read it the ability to cast the spell written therein.
How would you suggest such a thing in burning wheel gold terms? (I thought I had this well in hand using the magic burner before I was informed that it shouldn’t be used for gold)

Are you talking about how they would work Rules Wise or how you make one in-game?

When you find a Scroll and want to cast from it you first must pass a Reading test with Ob equal to the Ob of the spell on the scroll. You may fork in Sorcery-Wise, Symbology/Ancient Language (depending on your Idiom). If you pass the test you can cast the spell. Extra successes translate into advantage dice for the casting. To cast the spell you must pass a Sorcery test equal to the Ob of the spell.

Based on the “learning from written Instructions” test.

See, that’s why I asked. I would’ve had them try to understand what the scroll actually was by testing symbology and or sorcery if in the field, (no chance for research) and then treat that as a linked test for attempting to cast it (with the possibility of advantage/disadvantage depending on their skill sets and back rounds) adding time two actions to casting time.
As far as creating them in game, that was going to be an enchanting task following the magic burner enchanting rules (basically each scroll would be a single use matrix with sustainer if needed) the scroll would already have the magic cast within itself just waiting to be released. Reader would still run the risks of spell failure, and in any case the scroll hss been used up.