Making Magicians Robes


one of my players said he would like to play a Tailor that is specialised in making robes and clothes for magicians/sorcerers that would help them casting their spells. I said to him he could do something like

City Born -> Tailor -> Arcane Diletante -> Shopkeeper

and Fork in Astronomy and Symbology into his tailoring to make robes that could count as an advantage for casters. Does that seem right? What would be the obstacle? I would go with 4 but maybe 5?


I’d say at least Ob5 if you’re kind, but I’d probably assign Ob6.

The basis for this?
Fancy clothes are Ob4 for sewing.
Astrology tools are Ob5 for blacksmithing
Black Metal Artifice & Weaponsmithing require a +2Ob for a +1D superior quality bonus for tools.

Then again, Sorcery doesn’t require tools, so a tool bonus isn’t necessarily going to work, thought they might give bonuses to Astrology.
I’d probably go with Enchanting as the skill to get a sorcery bonus, like going to see the guy at the wand shop to make your magic easier.

Enchanting is the proper skill. But Tailoring is necessary to make Enchantment-worthy clothes. I see Tailoring being a linked test to Enchantment.

It’s a good idea. You definitely want to use Enchanting. You can make a lot of different types of robes.

I have the free enchanting pdf but didn’t really read it until now. Do you need to be gifted to use it? Is it a lot of work to integrate it? I have no magic burner so the free pdf is all that i have going for me.

Yes, it is required.

But this character could be the expert tailor that makes the vessel as mentioned in the Enchanting chapter. You’d then have this little supply chain of NPCs:

  • The Hunter who tracks down the rare beasts
  • The Alchemist/Taxidermist who extracts the antecedents
  • The Tailor who weaves them into robes
  • The Enchanter who puts the magic into them

which is practically a campaign to itself.

Sadly i can’t see that campaign in my head right now but that is definetly an idea… Could you tell me more?