Making Superior Things

Anybody out there have a standard ob penalty they apply when someone wants to make a thing (sword, trebuchet, etc) with the +1d quality bonus?

+2 Ob I think

My books are all packed away, atm. But I believe War Art and Riddle of Steel include SQ as part of the obstacle options. I think Praion is right, it’s +2 Ob.

I have an additional question to add to this.
If I were working Patiently could I “buy” the superior quality option with two of my successes?
If I just made a regular roll and rolled extra successes could I still use the extra sucesses to “buy” the superior quality option under the working patiently rules?

To either make a weapon superior OR (XOR?) add a balance die is +2ob.

Working patiently, or any other boost, only affects how many dice you have and how long the task will take.
How you spend any extra successes is up to you and your GM.



Your Ob is based on your Intent. I wouldn’t let someone use successes for working Patiently to “accidentally” craft a superior item. It’s got to be factored into the original intent.

Carefully is the one that gives bonus dice. Patiently gives you extra benefit for successes over the obstacle.

By the rules, you can’t use those successes to retroactively raise the Ob for SQ. It’s against the spirit of the rules, too. But it’s tempting. I think the right way to do it is to instead make getting a regular quality weapon the failure consequence. And hey, you get a harder test to log, too! Which maybe means you shouldn’t do it that way.

So I don’t know. I don’t think I’d allow it, but I’m not strongly opposed.

Yeah, I would have the rare thing be stated in the intent and tested for.
I wouldn’t grant a RoM as a failure consequence unless the sale had been orchestrated by way of a DoW. (No you can’t have “The Sword”, but as your cause is just, I will grant you A Sword, as long as you swear your loyalty to me.)

A weaponsmith would never make a superior quality sword by surprise. It would be her intent to do so at the beginning of the labor. So, no, I’d rule against spending extra successes to make a RotM sword Superior.

And failing the roll is how you get a poor quality weapon

I would totally allow creation of a SQ weapon when rolling Beginner’s Luck with two extra successes. But not if you (the player, not the character) have seen it happen before. :smiley: