Making Things Up with Wises

So, it seems to be common knowledge around here that the players can “suggest” facts into reality by means of Wises, but where in the book does it actually say that? Also, what is the best practice in that regard? How is it implemented?


It talks a lot about this in the Adventure Burner. Few things to remember:

  1. Players can’t contradict facts already in existence. This includes things you as a GM make up. If you’ve already decided (whether they know it or not) the castle doesn’t have a secret entrance, then it doesn’t have one.

  2. Make sure you apply obstacles accordingly. A good example the AdBu gives is Village-wise. Its generic info about villages. If they players try to use it for specific things about a specific village, it should get a really high obstacle. In some instances it could be an inappropriate task for the stated intent.

  3. The old “don’t be a dick” rule applies to players and wises too.

The wiki has a run-down of the Wise suggestions.

Ludanto, see this thread:

The rules don’t provide much detail on using wises to establish facts, unfortunately. It’s a bit of a gap, and I find this puzzling as well. (It’s more or less the same in Mouse Guard, by the way – there’s one sentence in the overview chapter telling you that you can use wises to do this, but apart from that the rules are silent on that point.)

Thanks! I did search the forums before I asked, but apparently I failed. :stuck_out_tongue: