Managing reputations in an international setting?

It seems like reputations are intended to fit in the context of a single nation. However, I’m currently working on making a game that will span a large scale setting between multiple countries/nations–Given this, how should reputations be handled? Should reputations be limited to one country only? Or should they just be expanded in scope?

Some reputations will be local, and only apply when the character is in one part of your larger setting. Others will be broader. It’s all part of the nature of reputation.

The nature of “local” is somewhat game-dependent, too. If you know from the outset the game is going to be pretty much entirely in one city, local might be a neighborhood. In another game local might be one county. In your game local might actually be national. Think about how you want it to work—you’re deciding how broad the scope of reputation is going to be in your game generally.