Maneuvers & Skills

Easy question for BEHQ.

Let’s say my side of the table is doing a Flak. One of the listed skills is Persuade. My character has Persuade.

Do I have to use Persuade in one of my scenes to be able to use it to roll for my Flak at the end of the night. Or could I have been using other skills so long as they push towards my intent of the maneuver?

You don’t have to use that skill in play in order to use it for the infection manuever.

Does the exact skill have to be used? Not necessarily. But if the main thrust of your Flak was physical and involved gun shots, Persuasion probably isn’t appropriate. If the main thrust had to do with convincing individuals of something, then Persuasion is completely appropriate.

Remember that this roll represents the efficacy of your actions in the in-scene play beyond the immediate ramifications of what you did.


My group of (new to anything Burning) players and I just started up a campaign a few weeks ago. So far, we’re really enjoying it, and we have been doing the manuever skills like Thor said from the beginning. We have run into a problem, though, with trying to frame conflicts around an Assess manuever in Infiltration.

The list of potential skills seem un-conflicty, and kind of specific. Especially in our first manuever (we’ve only done two), my players scripted an Assess, and then at the end of the manuever had very little idea how to make one of those skills fit anything they’d done. We ended up shoe-horning in a Signals test done by a signals tech on a PC’s hammer cruiser just so our in-scene stuff had anything to do with the list of skills.

The 2nd manuever also had an Assess (on the factions), and almost all of the in-scene faction-checking we did was Circles tests. Obviously, we can’t roll Circles for the manuever, but we were completely at a loss for what to roll. I ended up calling it Streetwise, but the character who was most important in the scenes had no Streetwise! He rolled at x2 Ob, and failed miserably.

I can think of tons of ways to frame Assess in other phases, and Flak has given me no trouble (given my FoN for Infiltration is a Palpatine-esque Senator), but what are we doing wrong with Infiltration-Assess?

Hey man, and welcome!

check page 429, under the heading “Scenes in the Maneuvers.”

Assess, Go to Ground, Conserve and Pin are maneuvers that only require Building scenes to accomplish. In fact, if you have selected one of those maneuvers, taking a conflict scene at all is optional for your side that maneuver.

So if you can’t find a Conflict scene to represent your Assess, that’s just fine! Use a builder instead!

Try to get the Infection skill you want to roll in as part of the builder. You need to make Circles tests? Then use Streetwise or Investigative Logic to get a linked test toward your Circles test.

Thanks! As usual, the answer is “Read more carefully!”

In BWHQ we should trust.