Manière de bâtir

If you need on the fly a short description and a map of town houses in the Parisian mode, go and check “Manière de bâtir pour toutes sortes de personnes”

(go to the Export tag to get the book in pdf) published in 1623 (Paris) by Pierre Le Muet


Oh wow. You found Pierre the Mute’s book! He’s one of the figures of note in Paris!

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Now, do we know if he was truly mute or if “Le Muet” was just a nickname?

It is great that Pierre Le Muet appears in the Figures of Note in Paris 1648! I did not know (I read the first fourth volumes of M& M in a row (so awesome!) but, after struggling with some small fonts of Book 5, I have just decided to jump and start my reading of Paris 1648).

We can find a nicer version of Pierre Le Muet’s book at:

This book is an interesting game aid in play: you can shortly describe the building or show the players the drawing, and keep the map for you.

Concerning his name, I am guessing that “Le Muet” (the Mute) is his family name (he was de Noblesse d’épée). I believe that it could be extremely difficult to serve at a high-level status while being mute (but I can be wrong). Maybe was he a very reserved person. Since I did not find anything detail in this direction, I have just asked to Claude Mignot who wrote the book “Pierre Le Muet, ingénieur et architecte du roi (1591-1669). Bâtir pour toutes sortes de personnes”. I let you know if I get an answer from him (and I will check in his book in the meanwhile).

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Today I have checked in Mignot’s book about Pierre Le Muet’s family. His father was “Philippe Le Muet”.

Therefore, Pierre Le Muet was not mute. But, following Dumas, we can say that he became mute while has was king’s architect :wink:


Great find.
What a strange name!

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