Master Skill/Trait to Life Path List?

I wanted to check and see if anyone had created a master list of skills and/or traits as associated with each life path? Ideally, I would love to see a complete list of each skill and trait so that you could easily see which life path would be needed in order to select the choice. This would make it a bit easier for my players to figure out what life paths were necessary in order to gain a particular set of skills/traits when burning their characters.

If no one has done this yet, I think I might start working on this in my spare time. If anyone has already done/started this project, please point me in the right direction if you don’t mind.

Thanks a ton,
Todd B.

Before starting such a project. If you intend to publish it for general consumption. You might want to discuss it with Luke.

Actually, I was indeed planning on releasing it to the public once it was finished. Luke - would this be acceptable or would you like me to just send you the final product when it is complete? Anything else I need to think about before starting on this journey?

Thanks guys,
Todd B.

I’m not trying to be smarmy, but how is this different than the book itself? All the information you need is right there, complete with master lists of skills and traits.

The point of the list is you decide you want to play a character who’s good at Philosophy… Now which lifepaths provide that skill as an LP skill?

I guess I am just having a difficult time seeing how this will streamline anything with the plethora of skills, traits, and LPs in the book.

That’s a subtle way of asking for a PDF version of BWG. Someone keeps track of attempts?

You cannot republish my content. Sorry man!
Character sheets and indexes are great.
Republishing the LPs in a different format is not.
Thanks though!

So just to theorize here.

A skill to lp list that contained skill name and which pages it was referred to on. So like Etiquette Pg 174 would be ok? Since someone would still have to have the book to open it up and see which LP on that page contained Etiquette? It’s a whole lot less immediately useful, Especially for common skills like Brawling or Etiquette but might be somewhat useful to people.

@peregrine The books already have that list in the index of skills

I was just thinking about a list broken down by skills and listing the associated life paths such as:

Doctrine (pg 268)
Life Paths: Inquisitor (pg 186), Military Order (pg 184), Theologian (pg 186), etc

Falconry (pg 272)
Life Paths: Falconer (pg 180), Knight (pg 181), etc

That way, if you wanted your character to have certain skills/traits, you would quickly know which life paths you would need to take.

Ibex - No, I am not asking for a PDF version of BWG. It was simply an expanded index in reverse for the skills/traits to life paths.

noclue - The book does has an index of skills but it only references to their description entry - not to which life paths they are associated with.

But I don’t want to step out of line so I’ll shelve it. It was just an idea.

Todd B.

No, that’s fine. That’s just an index. I thought you were saying something different.
Go for it, man.

I am about a third of the way through an index that I was working on like that. It would not be hard for me to finish it up although it would be Wednesday before I can work on it again.

Peregrine - looks like we were going to duplicate our efforts. If you would like some help, just send me an email to tbanister at primarycapital dot com. Just let me know what I can do.

Take care,
Todd B.

I love this idea. It can be useful for GM to quickly check if it make sense for NPC to have specific skill.

Toddbanister if you have a document in some form of table format (ie a spreadhsheet) containing an lp name and setting so we can differentiate lp’s that share the same name and their skills in a list and possibly their traits in a list. I can take it from there and incorporate it into my stuff. I have every lp already in a spreadsheet. I have the dwarves skills and traits in my spreadsheet already and am going to be working on elves tonight.

Just want to say thanks to those who are putting in the effort for this! Looking forward to seeing and abusing the shit out of the final product!


Just to heap on some more encouragement, I would find this index quite useful.



I put all 419 skills listed in the skill section in the BWG edition into an Excel sheet which includes Skill Name, Roots, FoRKs, Skill Type, Tools, Restrictions, and the page reference it can be found in BWG. Does this contain too much info to be published to the general public?

I realize some of this is presented in the Skill List in the back of the book, but I needed a separate handout for my players to look over since I only have one copy of the book.

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