Maximum Skill Rating?

Hello! This is my first post on here, and I’m looking for a bit of help.

I’m wondering, what is the maximum rating for a skill after character creation? Six is the maximum during character creation, but can skills advance beyond that? I’ll be running our first session tonight, and that just occured to me as something I need to find out! Does this also apply to other stats? I know Nature caps at 7 for mice, but what about Health and Will?

Some previous discussion here. Not sure how definitive it was. I believe the answer is six for skills, Will, and Health; seven for Nature; and ten for Circles and Resources.

That’s what I got. Luke confirmed that enough advancement dots being present to raise skills to 7 is an error.

Note that a seven nature results in losing the character over winter; tax it down or lose the character.

Thanks, William.

if you advance Nature to 7 and it is still at 7 by the end of the session, the character immediately retires. You don’t get to wait until Winter. See Nature 7 on page 235.