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Having not read the graphic novels I am puzzled over the various hulling methods, trying to picture them in my head. Fortunately, I have the game’s illustrations, but, just to be 100% sure:
Which hulling method do the ‘hulling illos’ through out the book describe (field hulling or the more complex & inconspicuous one)?

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Field Hulling is boring a hole in someone’s skull and letting the worm enter it. After it gets in the worm fills the hole with some sort of excretion that is less dense than bone and shows up on scanners as “weak spot”.

The spinal hull involves making a puncture into the spinal column and letting the worm work its way up the spinal cord to the brain.

An optic nerve hull means the worm is inserted into the ocular cavity and the worm works its way up into the brain along the optic nerve. This one is very hard to pull off safely and often results in blindness in that eye.

The optic nerve hull only causes blindness if the guy doing it does a bad job. The main problem with it though is that you need to use a young naivean and then let it grow, otherwise you just can’t fit the worm in that way.

Generally speaking, most of the time people are going to go for the field hull: it can be done with a few simple tools and while it’s going to mess the body up for a while they’ll recover. And you can’t just look at someone and be like “look at that field hull”, you need special equipment to scan their head. The other benefit of a field hull is that it’s easier to get out of if the worm wants to jump bodies.