Meet Pennington!

Hello Folks,

My friend wants me to run a game of MG for him. We will be playing online so I made up a nice compact character sheet to transfer back and forth (modeled after the ones in the book).

He asked me to upload his character so he can get a bit of feedback from the community.

So without further delay, here is Pennington!

I like the character. He’s a very good survivalist but not so good hunter or pathfinder (he’s still young) which probably means that he will be able to sort out most situations in the nature (he won’t starve or something) but since he’s not, for example, so good at Pathfinder he might get lost and has to sort out the situation some other way with survivalist which might encourage twists and creative new solutions. The first part of his belief plays well with this I think.

The other part of his belief is also interesting and make the belief stronger than if it had only consisted of the first part.

He’s instinct might also get him into a conflict or two, or maybe three or four.

Nice compact character sheet also.

I now realise that the name Pennington makes me associate with Paddington and that’s, for me, either a station or, more important, a bear. That might of course not be important for you and since you wont have any more players no risk.

Heh. My girlfriend calls him Paddington :slight_smile:
They created their characters together a few nights ago, and the nickname has stuck. We have a little Paddington bear on the shelf above the game table.

Nice character, but forgive me for being even more interested in your character sheet. How’d you make it? Care to share?

Oh sure.
I built it myself in Adobe Illustrator.
One layer with a background image I snagged from one of the downloads on the wiki, and then I just basically copied the layout that was in the book for the pre-made characters.

I was trying to make something I could use to play the game online, or take all the pre-made characters with me on the road.

I’m working on playing card sized versions as well :slight_smile:
All the info for the character minus their goal on one card. That way I can just bring a deck of characters with me when I want to game on the road or with people who have never played before and just want to pick a character.

These are still a work in progress though.

Both look good! Care to upload the original files somewhere?

Well, none of the artwork is my own.
So I’m hesitant to do so. I just created these so that I could have something to use for my own amusement.

Perhaps I will simply remove the picture and put a placeholder. Then I don’t think it would be a problem. I’ll see what I can do. :slight_smile:

I understand. Take your time.

Hmmmm, the AI file is 11.5 MB :slight_smile:
Not so upload friendly.

If you want a copy I can msn it to you or email it.
Let me know.

I use to distribute files. Upload 'em there and share away.

Nice looking card you have there.