Melee and DoW Crits

Hello honorable duelists. In our playtest, we’ve run into an interesting quirk for melee and duel of wits crits. The procedure is that the player rolls to hit and damage for a second attack if a crit is achieved on the first.

The question is what to do if a second crit is rolled. Do you roll again for a third attack?

After testing and deliberation, I think the rule must be that there can be no third or subsequent crits.

However, if you do crit while spending exertion, you can roll that bonus over into the second attack. So if you spend a year of your life to reroll an attack with a +5 and subsequently score a crit, you can keep that +5 (or whatever) bonus for the second attack.

But no third, fourth, fifth crits. We’ve tested cascading crits. They break not only the combat system, but the whole game world.



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