Memoirs of Louis XIV and His Court

Sir Luke de Crane unfortunately forgot an important portrait in his Figures of Note of Paris 1648, that of mylsef, Louis de Rouvroy, Duc de Saint-Simon.,_duc_de_Saint-Simon

I highly recommend that you read my “Memoirs of XIV and His Court and of the Regency”.

It is rather long (you can find version with some selection)… but it is is considered as “one of the least-read masterpieces of the age”. It had a huge influence on writters such as Proust, Flaubert, Tolstoi, etc.

I did not forget your patron, Saint-Simon. I read some of his memoires, of course. Unfortunately, the cruel circumstances of his birth forced me to omit him from our figures of note. Born in 1675, he sadly is not yet alive in the year of our examination, 1648.


Very accurate my Sir ! :+1:

Could explain us why you have particularly chosen 1648? More interested in the trouble period of La Fronde?

If you want to play a little after, Saint Simon can then become an interesting patron for a team of PC which is sent to collect information in the web of Versailles.

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