Mend Wound (Larkins Spell Book)

This spell is cast to treat a wound so that the natural healing process can begin.

Mend Wound: Ob 2^ (*), 35 Actions
Origin: Personal
Area of Effect: Caster/Single Target
Element: Anima
Impetus: Control
Duration: Instantaneous
Resource Points: 20

Superficial Wound: Ob 2^
Light Wound: Ob 3^
Midi Wound: Ob 4^
Severe Wound: Ob 5^
Traumatic Wound: Ob 6^
(Mortal Wounds are beyond the scope and power of the spell.)

Once treated by this spell the normal recovery rules apply.

The fixed Ob 2^ really makes this too easy for a mage and eliminates too much of the risk of casting. It should just be a range, from Ob 2-6. You have to cast for the wound you’re trying to treat.

Or is that what you intended?

Yes that is what I intended. The (*) references the chart below. The Ob ^ is to allow extra successes to be applied to the treatment of the wound the same way as extra successess are applied with treatment skills.

I’m curious to know why you made it harder than normal treatment for superficial and light wounds but better than most forms of treatment for severe and traumatic.

Ob 2^ was how the spell worked out in finalization, so that became the baseline for superficial, each level of wound beyond it became one obstacle harder (Ob 2^-6^), as magic can not be used to create life I thought mortal wounds would be beyond most magic and require either great skill or miraculous intervetion to treat them.
The spell obstacles are more in line with herbalism and song of soothing as those are the most magic like of the treatment skills. Surgery and Khirurgy are better while the rest are worse.