Mentor Instinct

I just started running a bard. Part of his bio is that he’s “educated” and he looks at his companions as “uneducated” and would like to teach them. Would this be an appropriate Instinct? “When a companion tries to do something I know better, give them some pointers.” Then, if a companion character tries to do a Begginer’s Luck test for a skill that my bard knows (or, if they are doing a regular test for a skill that my bard knows better), he can use the Instinct to do a Mentor test and let them get an extra pass or fail in the skill. Is this an appropriate use of an Instinct or is it asking too much? If so, do you have any other ideas on how to use Mentor as an Instinct?

Dro played a character with the Instinct, “Always mentor losers in camp.” Worked like a charm. He’d just teach us how to dig latrines or swing a sword while in camp.

That was actually my first thought. (Though mine was “When we camp, educate the uneducated”). But we have issues with camp Instincts. We just don’t camp EVERY session. Most, but not all. Especially if we have a long Town or Winter phase. So we try not to use camp Instincts.

You don’t?! We camp at least once a session, sometimes twice. We love taking checks.

If we don’t have a town or winter session, we usually camp at least once. It’s just that our town and winter sessions tend to run a little long.

You can always change your Instinct at the beginning of the session or the end of the session.

Wow. How have I never thought of that? Thanks for making me feel stupid, Thor. (I don’t need any help with that. I can feel stupid just fine on my own, thank you very much). :slight_smile:

I’d be inclined to disallow this use of the instinct. Training characters on the finer points of [insert skill here], seems like a camp thing. You should be out adventuring during the adventure phase.

If I’m being honest with myself, if I have to ask if an Instinct is asking for too much, it’s probably asking for too much. Thanks for clarifying my self doubt.

My rubric for Instincts: at what point in the movie is this used?