MG Boxed Set - Where to buy if in the UK

Hi all,

I stumbled across the MG RPG more or less by accident whist looking for BW, and think the MG Boxed Set looks like a cool “must own” product, but the price seems pretty high. As usual with things like this, the RRP in US dollars is more or less matched by the price over here in the UK, but in GBP! £60+ seems a lot. Is the game out of print? If not, does anyone know where I can get it for a price similar to what people can buy it for in America?


Titan did a UK run of the hardcover, but I don’t believe there’s a UK version of the Boxed Set.

You can try buying it directly from us, but the shipping might be a bit much.

Could you tell me what the shipping charge would be to the UK, or where I can find this information on the site? It might work out cheaper buying direct as currently I am looking at something like $99 (£62.63) to buy it in the UK.

Well, the box is list price on our site: $65, I think. And shipping it to the UK is currently an astonomical $47.

$112 is nearly £71 at today’s exchange rate - a little out of my price range I’m afraid! Never mind - I picked up BWG for something like £15 and haven’t given it a go yet, so I will stick with that for now. MG looks gorgeous, especially with all those cards and dice, but it would unfortunately be a luxury item I couldn’t justify. Maybe if I win the lottery or something! :wink: Thanks for your help.

Is there another printing on the way? I got mine from for just less than £40 but it’s unavailable now.

Both boxed set and hardcover are in print.

I would definitely buy for that price! I checked out their site and MG Boxed Set shows as “Currently Unavailable”. I’ve asked to be contacted by email if it becomes available again.

My feeling is that although it may be in print, the copies distributed to the UK must all be sold out. I hope this is rectified soon so I can get my hands on a copy.

I just ordered it from (US, not UK) for $66.67 (about £42) including shipping to UK. Looking forward to getting my copy!

I’ve experienced this strangeness before - buying from can actually be cheaper than buying the exact same item from Really annoying but at least I’ve sourced a copy now.