MG/Continuum: Your Yet is Burning

I just finished up running a 7-session MG game and am trying to figure out what to do next. I have long admired many parts of the indie time-travel game Continuum – which, coincidentally enough, also uses a kind of action scripting to handle time combat – but the system itself is needlessly fiddly and not nearly as elegant as MG.

So I just finished hacking MG to run Continuum in a way that I think is going to be really cool. The character and combat sheets I made for the game are posted up here (PDF). I’m only having a problem trying to figure out what the “Cobweb” stratagem should do, aside from serving as a Feint. If anyone else out there is familiar with both Continuum and Mouse Guard, I would definitely appreciate some help.

Otherwise, I think most people with knowledge of both games should be able to run this pretty easily, just from the character sheets. Once I actually get around to playtesting this hack, I’ll try to write up a one-sheet of guidelines for making it work well.

Super cool! I wish I had more to say!

Thanks, Luke! I’ll run it for you sometime, once it’s been playtested more.

Post up more when you’ve had a chance to run the time combat thing. What a great way to abstract out Continuum-style timewar stuff w/o dealing with the fussiness of yet and spanbooks and stuff.


There have been some updates to this over at the Story Games forum.

I’ve asked them to drop their ideas over here but in the mean time you might want to check it out. It’s starting to look pretty cool.