MG Portraits

I’ve always liked to doodle MG characters for fun, might as well offer them to anybody who’d like to use them. I’ll take requests as well.

Not coloured; I’m rubbish at colouring. Come to that, I’m rubbish at drawing too, but what the hell…

That’s amazing!
And the portraits definitivly gives a strong impression of the personalities of the characters.
And quit the false modesty, you’re good!

Brilliant! I like ‘Easy’ a lot.

Nothing false about it! I can see a dozen things about ‘Easy’ that make me want to tear up the paper…

Thanks though, :wink:

Half-Mad Easy, the mouse who believes he’s the reincarnation of the old folk hero Raynard. Might be a bit unstable for guard work, but no one can deny the talent; he might be telling the truth! :smiley:

Great portraits–I especially like Loralai.

Two more;

I like Argyl’s pose. I don’t so sure about his/her sword. xD

:smiley: If he had a couple of knives instead, you mean?

I find that sword awsome! Isn’t it a executioner’s sword, or something?

That sword design has been stuck in my head since I played The Secret of Mana waaaaaaaay back in the neolithic era of gaming, when the SNES was state-of-the-art.

It’s the Dragon Buster. :slight_smile:

These are great, in particular the perspectives on Loralai and Robert. Nice work.

these are bloody amazing!!

love the expression on loralai!

Okay, so this isn’t a portrait, but it is an important part of a character I burned a long while ago but never got to field. It’s a song I’ve tweaked to fit the Guard. It should be sung the same as Stan Rogers’ ‘Rolling Down to Old Maui.’

Homeward Bound
[i]It’s a damn tough life
Full of toil and strife
We cloaked Guardsmice undergo.
But we don’t give a damn
When the trails are done
How hard the rains did blow.

'Cause we’re homeward bound
From the frozen ground
Our patrol lost near the sea.
But we won’t give a damn
When we drink our rum
Home, Lockhaven bound are we.

Running homeward bound are we, me boys
Running homeward bound are we.
We’re homeward bound
From the frozen ground
Running homeward bound are we.

Once more to trails
In the Northerly gales
Through the ice and wind and rain.
Our long-lost friends,
Them sun-kissed lands
We soon shall see again.

Six hellish months we passed this way
On the frozen Northern sea.
But now we’re bound
From the frozen ground
Home, Lockhaven bound are we.


Once more to trails
With the Northerly gales
Towards our fortress home.
Our Patrol is done,
Our cloaks unwound
And we ain’t got long to roam.

One friend’s cold bones
Are buried away,
Long wish we for her sound,
A freezing gale is hunting us
Long last we’re homeward bound.


How soft the breeze
Through the Spring-warmed trees
Now the ice is far astern.
Our loving mates,
Those sun-kissed glades
is awaiting our return.

Even now their big brown eyes look out
Hoping some fine day to see,
Our ragged cloaks
Flashing 'tween the oaks
Home, Lockhaven bound are we.


And now to try for the nth time to actually draw him…

These are great! Keep up the grand work!

Pretty amazing.

Keep “doodling” and keep being hard on yourself, it’ll only make you greater. In the mean time, understand that your work is way above average and makes people smile.

Here is my most recent MG character portrait. Hope it’s alright.

You link is not working.

Ooooo! funky stuff Rat King!
My friends and I draw quite a bit during games also and here’s some of our pics;
Terribly rushed initial concepts for my two main player-characters: Bisque & Piper
Some doodlies drawn over a Winter mission of Bisque & my friends character Bison
The newest edition to my playables, Heather (who is all old, tough militarist, guard JUSTICE incarnate :S)

Any/all other M.Guard bits I’ve made sofar can be found in this folder for it: :smiley:

oh yeah!

And another artist friend of mine, Wendy, has made some very impressive illustrations of her character Whitney doing various guard-tasks also :>