MG Props : figurines

Yeah, I know that MG doesn’t really require figurines … unlike other games which almost dictate the use of figs and grid maps.

But … after having made my “mini dice slide” out of clay, I was wondering what else I can fire up. I kinda got inspired from Fall 1152’s scenes of Rand moving those little mouse “pawns” on the map.

The five “larger” figures are just to inspire the players … and maybe help them realize how small the mice really are.

The 3 small ones are for use as “Map Table pawns” whenever Gwen/Rand/etc does a mission briefing in the Map room.

I’ll eventually paint all of these up. But I’m just too excited, and had to share them. Pardon my poor photography skills … Next time, I’ll take them in sunlight.

Any of you guys use props for your MG games?

A dice slide? That is almost too geeky. And awesome.

Very nice! These might also give you some inspiration.


I managed to paint my stuff up. My little 2-year old had taken one of the mini-mice apart, but the rest are intact. I’m nowhere near being even “amateur” level, so the masterpieces in the thread quoted apart really puts me to shame.

… but as soon as I get some good light, I’ll post an update with pics.

Looking forward to seeing your stuff all painted.

Here you go!

I’m probably going to go back and add some details and such. I’m not going to be able to add fur and facial features to these, but having seen what others have done, I may try that for the next batch.

Most likely, the near future will just get me to make more of the mini-mouse “map tokens”.