MG: Senatus PopulusQue Muris

some years I started to write on a Mouse guard hack very similar to the original Mouse Guard RPG but with one important difference; it’s set in an ancient mediterranean environment instead of a medieval setting. The dominant city corresponding to Lockhaven is very much inspired by Rome but there’s inspirations from other ancient Mediterranean cultures as well. We played in the setting for some years and I did a bunch of connected adventures on gaming conventions and then it fell to rest for a while. Now I thought that I should try to finish it.

In case anyone is interested in such a hack, playing or just reading, or maybe helping with proofreading or ideas it’s available over here I recently did a mistake and lost my website so it’s a little crude and empty at the moment but hopefully i can fix that over time.

I got some valuable help here when I started out and I appreciate any productive criticism.

Edit: And now the links on the web site is fixed.