MG SR Hack continued

I initially posted on Story Games. I’m still plugging away; currently I’m working the formalized Conflicts.

conflict dispo base add attack defend feint maneuver
Astral Quest nature sorcery sorcery mind conjuring nature
Con Job mind deception deception mind network deception
Firefight meat athletics shooting meat sneaking athletics
Firewall mind signals hacking devices hacking signals
Haggle mind cred persuasion mind deception cred
Intrusion nature mind sneaking mind thieving athletics
Recon mind casing casing deception thieving athletics
Run n Gun meat pilot pilot meat sneaking pilot

More than this though, I need the right amount of sweet, evocative ‘gear for Conflicts,’ as per MG p117.
My half-assed list thus far:
Astral Quest: true name of opponent, native tradition, corruption, bound spirit, defensive spells, illusion spells, manipulations spells, combat spells
Con Job: known con man, dirty secrets, obvious reward, high risk, hard leverage, disguise, soft leverage/inside knowledge
Firefight: light armor, heavy armor, defensive position, range superiority, volume of fire superiority
Firewall: research, off-site, hot sim, SOTA ware, black ice, sprite
Haggle: rep, time pressure, risk, reward
Intrusion: distraction, security alert, time pressure,
Run n Gun:

Conditions are fun! But defining them is best finished after I get this part squared away a little more. The tentative list: Rattled, Broken, Glitched/Gremlins, Jinxed/Cursed, Traced/Hunted, Rep Hacked, Cred Taxed. Then the fallout from Conflict compromises will be (or, you know, should be) easy.