MG via VTT

Hi all,
There have been a few discussions about playing RPGs online, and having started a one to one game with Deutsche John using BW, I thought I’d put my minuscule techy skills to the test with MG, which doesn’t have the same complexity as BW or BE.

I’ve put together a very simple and bare-boned mod for ZunTzu, a free VTT available here. It’s very good, but was designed for the wargames market and does have some limitations including the fact it’s PC only.

On the plus side there’s…

[li]Real time play over the Internet.[/li][li]Built-in voice communication.[/li][li]Built-in videoconferencing for webcam owners.[/li][li]Intuitive user interface close to the game table experience.[/li][li]Animated 3D dice.[/li][li]Intuitive management of counter stacks and card decks.[/li][li]Multilingual user interface: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish.[/li][/ul]
(The above was taken from the first link given)

This ‘can i do it’ version (v0.1) includes…
A map of the territories.
A Conflict sheet.
A dice roller allowing up to 20 d6 to be rolled at once (blank die = traitor, BW symbol = success and Gwendolin = Six).

What it doesn’t include…
Character sheets
Interactive conflict sheets (you can’t write on them).
The ability to interact with the map or show the patrols location.
A GM screen


Read this page first.

1: Download ZunTzu here and install it.
2: Download the Mouseguard game file here and install it in a new folder called ZunTzu Library.
3: Start ZunTzu and access it’s menu by hitting the Esc key, then go to the File sub-menu, then click the Browse Library menu item. Click the Add button and indicate the location of your game box file. A new entry should appear in the Game Library content list. Select that entry and click Open to start to play.

For reference, things I am working on…

Conflict Cards for the Conflict page.
Markers that can be used on the map of the territories.
A disposition meter.

Let me know how you get on.


Here is v1b2 which sorts out the default sizes of the 2 pages so that they fit fully on screen.

For those unsure of whether to download it and give it a try, here is a screenshot of the Territories page. I figure this will be the default page until a conflict is to be resolved.


I’ve been thinking of doing one for vassal, since that (unlike SunTzu) is multi-platform.

As a Linux user, please do.

The Bane

Yeah, I looked at Vassal but couldn’t get my head around how it’s put together. Looks like there’s very little take-up for a virtual table-top along the lines of ZunTzu (pc/windows only) going by the dearth of downloads. I shall keep plugging away, more out of my own interest and to get to grips with xml.

Ok… I need art!
I’ve a cheesy little mouse head (3 mice shades, 8 cloak colors) set, and condition markers, and of course, my scripting cards.

Preferably (to keep it all the same sizes): 40x40 px, .GIF (tho I can convert JPG, PNG, TIFF, and several others)
I need at least one bird, One Weasel, One Turtle, a fox, etc. More’s the merrier
They need to be rights-free… that is, they are not fee-encumbered.

PM me if interested in contributing art. 0.0.1 will go up at later today.

Vassal module is up. Tain’t quite as pretty, but it rolls dice, has chat, has mice, has status markers which can be added to the mice or dropped separately, has my scripting cards…

Hey now that’s cool.

and, being Vassal, it supports network or pass-the-save-file play!