Mice diplomats and other Species - The Languages of the land


I´m a fan of David Petersen´s Mouse guard Universe and had Mouseguard RPG (1st Edition) in my collection. I don´t know if this kind of question is already answered here in the forum but I will ask anyway.

In Legends of the Guard and Black Axe chronicle we see mice using the lore of different languages to talk with other kind of animals. The Hares are mounts but had language of their own but big predator dont talk much (Celanawe use his voice to talk to two young foxes after he kill ther mother in Black Axe series). Which skill is appropriate to emulate this kind of thing.

All animal in MG universe had a language but seldom talks to other specieis? I read that hares talks but considered mice to be arrogants and proud enought to not pay attention to them in Winter 1152 series BUT one mouse talk to them in the proper tone.

Can we use skills to talk with other species and play as diplomat of the guard when the situation required? I know there is Nature involved, but I see lots of situation that the guard members could talk with possible allies during an adventure. How you manage those moments?

Thanks in advance.

The skill Loremouse has obstacles for “rudimentary communications”.