Mice in frog's country ?

Hello everybody !

I hav recently discovered the Mouse Guard RPG and as a french gamer and great fan of the game, I would like to know if there was any plans for a french translation of the game, as I think it could help more french gamers to discover this beautiful game…

Does anyone has news about that ?

Thanks !

Hi Footbridge!
It’s good to meet you here.
I must admit that I wouldn’t mind to see a French version of Mouse Guard beeing published, and I’d be prepared to work on the translation. However, Mouse Guard isn’t an easy translation. Words such as Weatherwatcher, Survivalist or Loremouse don’t have a french equivalent. I suppose we could make some of them up, but the French being the French they would not appreciate much us messing with their (our) language.
As you know, I made a French version of the character sheet, which created disagreements on what term to use for such and such English word. Survivalist and Loremouse being the ones that created many discussions.
An other thing would be to find someone to actually publish it. Would it sell enough? And I am not sure any of the French RPG publishers would be interested in tempting it. The only option I can see would be to convince Delcourt (who publishes the French version of the comics) to join in the adventure. Mouse Guard is a great game to initiate people to RPG and it is very didactical in its writing. Maybe that would convince Delcourt.
Anyway, bear in mind that I have no clue on how the publishing industry works, so I might very well be talking gibberish and going nowhere.

I’ll shut up now.