Mice Samurai v Weasel Pirates

We have a local Con coming up and this year’s theme is pirates. One thing that I always wanted to do with BW (and MG) was a Seven Samurai scenario.So, I am looking to combine the two with a scenario in which several “outsider” Guard Mice are called by a coastal village to aid them in defending against a group of Weasel Pirates.

I think that I will use the concepts for the samurai in Seven Samurai to create 3 basic PC concepts:

  1. The retired Patrol Leader, honour bound but questioning at what he acheived (much like Thom)
  2. The Tenderpaw who was thrown out after failing to be promoted two years in a row and blames the MG for this.
  3. A Patrol Guard with good “patrol” skills but lacking in “leadership ability” and still duty bound to the MG.

I also suspect that the session may be long enough to do 2 Missions back to back, so I can aim for two phases:

1st GM’s Turn - deal with the dissent of the Mice who feel abandoned by the MG and then deal with first Weasel attack

1st Players’ Turn - to deal with the Mice issue and prepare the village for future attacks.

2nd GM’s Turn (obviously dependent on pervious events) - travel to Weasel’s base and attack Weasel captain.

2nd Player’s Turn - to wrap up each PC’s issues in relation to the MG.

Anyway, if anyone has any thoughts or ideas, that would be great. I am particularly interested in ideas on the Weasel Pirates. The closer I can get them to actual pirates with a boat the better I think.

I’m thinking mice ninjas versus weasel pirates would put the question to rest once and for all.

Digging your premise for your samurai game! Wish there was a nondisruptive way to map the Blossoms honor/shame stuff to it.