Mick Thunderpick

Name: Mick Thunderpick
Stock: Dwarf
Class: Adventurer
Age: 35
Home: Dwarven Halls
Parents: Thunderpick (Laborers)
Mentor: —
Friend: Derek the Stonemason
Enemy: Nola Silveraxe (Dwarf Adventurer and sometime bandit)
Level: 1
Alignment: Unaffiliated
Belief: What goes down must come up—and I’m the one that will bring it up with me.
Goal: I’ll fill this sack with loot, or find a bigger one.
Instinct: Always search a corpse, they’re happier to share than they ever were in life.
Traits: Born of Earth and Stone 1, Foolhardy 1
Abilities: Will 3, Health 5

Nature: Dwarf 5 (Delving, Crafting, Avenging a Grudge)
Circles: 3
Resources: 0
Wise: Shrewd Appraisal-wise, Abandoned Mine-wise
Skills: Fighter 3, Dungeoneer 4 (sp), Orator 2, Laborer 3, Armorer 2, Scout 2, Manipulator 2

Armor: Helmet, Leather

Head (worn): Helmet
Neck (worn): —
Hand (worn): —
Hand (worn): —
Hand (carried): Lantern
Hand (carried): Small sack
—Large sack
Torso (worn):
—Leather Armor
—Satchel (2):
——Rations (preserved)
Belt (pouch): 2D treasure
Belt (weapon): Dagger
Belt (skin): Wine (full)
Feet (worn): Boots

Mick Thunderpick is from a long line of builders’ laborers, who do the heavy work of expanding the Dwarven Halls into the mountain. But his friend, Derek the Stonemason, gave him a taste for the finer things in life, and without the patience for the years of training required to join a guild and learn a skilled trade, Mick set off to find his fortune. Along the way he made an enemy of Nola Silveraxe, a treasure hunter like himself, when he narrowly beat her to a valuable trove—though her hired goons relieved him of his earnings on his journey back into town.

I think your Circles should be +2. You have Friend, Parents and Enemy.

Right you are, ta.

De algas.

Gotta look out you know, those Circles can be pretty useful. :wink:

Neat. I don’t think you can “wear” a Sack, though, can you? Besides, you probably need that slot for your Leather Armor.

You’re quite right about the sack - not sure what I was thinking there. I’ll put one sack into the other. I had assumed the armour didn’t use a slot but I’m not sure why I thought that. Anyway, updated.