Mickle Halfling Burglar and Unrequited Lover

Name: Mickle Obierson
Stock: Halfling
Class: Burglar
Level: 1
Alignment: Law
Age: 26
Raiment: Fresh leather jacket w/ hood
Home: Remote Village
Parents: Obier the Carpenter (Carpenter)
Mentor: Gambino the Druid (Healer)
Friend: Milliscent the Elven Forrester (Weaver)
Enemy: Duin Elf Ranger

Belief: “Fortune favors the bold”
Instinct: Always grab a weapon when not holding a light
Goal: “Bring back the greatest treasure in exchange for Milliscent’s hand in marriage”

Will: 5
Health: 3
Nature: 4 (Halfling Sneaking Riddling and Merry Making)

Circles: 4
Resources: 0

Cook 3
Carpenter 2
Criminal 3
Dungeoneer 2
Hunter 2
Healer 2
Fighter 3
Haggler 2
Scavenger 2
Scout 2

Wises: Just Needs a Little Salt Wise-wise, Lore-wise
Traits: Hidden Depths 1, Stoic 1,

Stocking cap, worn 1
Bandana, worn 1
Leather Gloves, worn 1
Lantern, carried 1
Leather Armor, worn 1
Patchwork Canvas Backpack, worn 2
Pouch: Thieves Tools 1
Weapon: Sword, worn 1
Skin: Spring water, full 1
Bottle, Water, Pack 2
Torches, pack 1
Rations, Fresh, pack 1
Rope, Pack 2

Mickle is madly in love with his childhood obsession; Milliscent. She visits his home town often to trade and resupply and will come to his fathers work yard for woodworking. He has trained all year and is now prepared to delve the deeps to find an ancient treasure to prove himself worthy to be her lover.

my rendition of Mickle, he seemed like the sort of adventurer who’d want purple pants.

Wow! Too cool. Thanks for time and art there. That’s exactly how he is, he needs a love letter in his free hand. Who wouldn’t want him in they’re dungeon crawl?