Microscope RPG as a World Burner?

So I’m sure a lot of people on the forums are familiar with Ben Robbins of West Marches fame. I didn’t know this, but he came out with a game last year called Microscope, which he dubs as a “fractal” RPG. Basically the whole game is a GM-less RPG where you communally create a setting and history by taking turns defining certain events and parameters and by roleplaying specific scenes to help iron out the details. I just ordered a copy, and I don’t have it yet, but my thoughts are that the communal (even egalitarian) nature of the game and its focus on creating a compelling, vibrant world chock full of problems and mystery (with roleplaying!) seems like a natural fit for a World Burner.

Has anybody played this game? Would it work as a World Burner, or am I misunderstanding it?

If so, then I find it VERY exciting.

My group played a game describing the rise and fall of a dwarven hold–and liked it enough that we set a BW campaign in the aftermath. It works very well that way, though I would suggest keeping what you can do easily in BW when you’re setting the things that are allowed/prohibited. If you establish that gnomes control the world’s ley lines, you’re going to need to create rules for gnomes, ley lines and what they do when you start the campaign!

The fellow from Age of Ravens uses Microscope to make settings for various non-BW games that he runs. I’ve always imagined it’d work well for making a BW setting. I’ve had it for a while, but have yet to take it for a spin.