Middarmark Teaser

Did anyone else read to the end of The Hand of the Pit yet?

Holy shit.

No. Ima need to pick that up.

Ofnir’s LairIt is said that near the peak of Bjorngrim’s Folly, amidst the swirling snow, there is an ancient ruin—a place of many pillars and steaming waters made by a forgotten people. For ages beyond counting, it was the lair of Ofnir the Black Wyrm, heaped with treasures from the terrible dragon’s depredations.

It was in that place that Bjornar the Grim and the wyrm met in ferocious battle and destroyed each other. The wyrm’s blood covered Bjornar and Teineigin, his magic spear made by dwarven master armorers at their forge at the heart of the world. The black blood carried a poison so potent that touching the body was death. Unable to bring Bjornar home, his household laid his treasures around him, within the ruins, Teineigin at his side. Legends maintain that they left the dragon’s hoard as well, for it, too, had been poisoned by the wyrm’s black blood.

Ofnir’s vast bulk is said to lay twined around the ruins, still and uncorrupted.