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Heya, folks, I’ve been looking into the Midnight campaign setting lately, and it seems pretty neat. And pretty Burning Wheel-compatible. There are some posts here that make reference to now-defunct blogs describing Burning Midnight campaigns. I was wondering if anyone had any stories or commentary on the subject.



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Hey Gnosego, we ran a three year BW campaign set in the Midnight world. Mechanically, it didn’t take a lot of lift. We assigned cultural traits for the various races/kingdoms of origin, had Legates use Faith (if I recall properly), and otherwise fudged/adapted stuff here and there. I believe the GM used some of the Elf rules/LP’s for Night Kings in order to create the feeling of immortality and power. I’m not deeply versed in the Midnight realm so the version we played is my version of Midnight - happy to field other specific questions if you want to throw them out.


Right on. Seems pretty straightforward.

What did you guys get up to? Any cool moments? Who were the characters?

I went looking for a link but our Actual Play posts went down with the ship on the original BW Forum site (as far as I can tell). I’m not sure how useful it would have been anyway, since it was each week’s session transformed into fiction format - not a ton of mechanics or how we achieved the stuff in the story. I have all 230 pages of those threads stashed away in my Google Drive, so if you want it, send me a DM and I can share the link.

We had three PC’s, two of which appeared throughout the entire campaign, one which died part way through and was replaced by both another player and his related character. They were:

Raemos: Mindnumbing Labor, Drunk, Tough as Nails, Brutal, World Weary
A Dornish sergeant in the forces of House Falon, dedicated to protecting the city of Steel Hill.
Born City → Laborer → Guard → Foot Soldier → Sergeant

Brindell: Fearless, Academic, Insomniac, Righteous
A Dornish lorekeeper who came to Steel Hill to ride with House Falon’s forces and record events.
Born City → Page → Student → Chronicler

Kemlin Vargo: Reincarnated, Dreamer, Rabble Rouser, Road Weary, Alms Taker
A Sarcosan peasant haunted by terrible dreams and convinced by hidden priests of the forgotten gods that was he was a reincarnated paladin. He went to Steel Hill to fulfill his destiny as the “last paladin” in a world where there are no gods.
Born Peasant → Pilgrim → Cultist → Ranger → Scout

Brindell died in what I would describe as the most brutal, excruciating scene that I have ever witnessed in 30 years of gaming and was eventually replaced with a Dornish storyteller and bard, named Skeld but I seem to have lost his character BITs. There was a lot of great moments (sieges, betrayals, beloved NPC deaths, character sacrifices, Duel of Wits with a Night King) and it ultimately was the rock against which our gaming group was shattered - we could never play anything after that which seemed to compare or matter and we eventually went our separate ways. One guy has never played an RPG ever again. True story.


Holy crap. That sounds awesome!

Wow. That’s legendary


I love Midnight but until I read this thread I thought it was too “D&D-ish” to play outside a d20 or similar system.
I’m glad I realized that I was wrong.

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I find it really funny how it seems like Midnight has a thing going where it used to be a standard D&D world, but the devs Dark Lord has instituted a bunch of policies to make it more medieval dark fantasy.

Literacy is low because Izrador is a fan of Fahrenheit 451.

People barter because travel is illegal.

Language barriers exist because of the same reason.

Low magic because magi and magic items are hunted by Izrador’s forces.

One religion (mostly) because when the gods threw Izrador’s ass to Aryth, they activated his trap card, sealing the world from their influence.

Poor health services because see above.

I find it really funny the the designers integrated an in-fiction explanation for why their D&D setting isn’t a “D&D” setting. :joy: :ok_hand:


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