Military Renown

For a new campaign, my players wanted a way to represent armies and a way to influence a war in the background of their game without a full management system. I designed a kind of military reputation based on Resources, the Idea is that how great your Military Renown is the more people will fight for your cause and the more motivated they are. Hope you like the idea.

Military Renown


This is pretty awesome. How is it working out for you so far? I’m starting a campaign with a Knight who’s going to be directing troops throughout the campaign. The GM and I were discussing options to make the decisions meaningful and the stakes impactful without draining the air out of our sessions with minutia.

This looks like a perfect solution. We were also on the track of adding my army to my resource tests as well as managing logistics to feed them, but were struggling to keep a meaningful measure of army size or efficacy.

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