As I’ve stated a few times, Torchbearer is the Minecraft RPG I’ve always wanted. So much so that I want to stat up Creepers, et al as monsters.

Then it hit me: get out your laptop, fire up Minecraft, turn on Easy mode and use it as a realtime, random 3D terrain/map generator for your players. I wonder how that would work?

To find the really good dungeons you’ve got to use the Eyes of Ender. But to get there you’ve got to seek out the most horrible monster kind. And you’ve also got to go to a dimension fire and death to steal the very essence of fire.

That’s three sessions right there, minimum!


That’s a very nice collection of checks you have there…

My goal is to build a huge pyramid. I can do that, right?

That’s ALWAYS your goal, isn’t it?

Skulls, cubes, college water polo teams… whatever’s handy.