Minis suitable for MG...

Look awesome blown up all to heck… anybody seen them in person?

If they’re what I think they are, they’re some of the best minis I’ve ever seen. They have a whole of anthropomorphic animals. I remember the bats being particularily good.

Wow, nice. Is there any particular way, suited to MG, that you could think of to use these? (One thought I have is you could move the minis down a disposition track during conflicts to mark disposition)

primary use is visualization of non-combat scenes and “Here, this is what he looks like.”

Right, that’s how I’d use them. Though I do enjoy placing minis on the table to show where people are in relation to one another. I’m going to ReaperCon next month and plan on picking up two of these sets for my Mouse Guard game. They are also developing Mouse Peasants for another boxed set coming up. Once I get the lot of them painted up, I’ll post them for you guys to see.

I received an order of armed mice & weasels from Splintered Light, and although they’re smaller, I have an idea of painting them to use with BattleLore to recreate epic battles from the Weasel War. The mice look great, dressed in cloaks only, wielding swords or axes, quite similar to the characters from the books.

As for regular games, I don’t think my players can have too many cards, dice, acorns, and miniatures to toy with at the table. I use minis to help players identify which NPC I’m playing during a given scene so I don’t have to rely completely on voices & gestures to distinguish each NPC.

After looking at the Reaper minis on this thread, I realize none of the mice in my campaign smoke! Now I wonder if a pipe-smoking peddler might be just the thing for the patrol to encounter next.

I made an NPC just for that miniature. An old mouse named Greysmoke that lives in a hollowed out Cypress-knee. Serves as a nice hermit/sage kind of character. He will definitely be a pipeweed smoker, as I can’t resist having a Gandalf type character in my games :slight_smile: