minor question about character sheet - technolgy spot

it says start and current rating - what is “current” used for?

If you burn points.

Aren`t they lost anyway unless rebuilt by recycling?

If you burn interface or tech you can repair them up to starting value.

What show current value?

a) how many times you have burned interface in tagged challenges;
b) how many rating points is available in technologies at the moment;
c) something else.

My point is - do that value for technologies and interfaces show same information?

That underline totally helped.

I have a rating 3 piece of tech. It’s current rating is also 3.

I burn it twice in a challenge. It’s current rating is now 1.

I repair it with Recycling by 1 point. Now it’s current rating is 2. I could have potentially got it up to 3, because that was its original rating.

At no point does it’s original rating change.

starting rating changes when:
a) breaking technologies and interfaces;
b) mobbing interface;
c) burning interface in inappropriate challenge; <- see note
d) wetwork challenge for interfaces;
e) probably consumable technologies.

When I change starting rating, should I change current rating too?

Yeah. Current rating can’t be higher than the staring rating.