Misadventure at Hadrian's Rock

The characters are exploring Hadrian’s Rock, a kobold infested ruined Keep on the Borderlands.

After holing up in a tower, having the halfling captured, and storming the Kobold Queen’s throne room, they decided to Parlay for the release of the halfling… and the Kobold Queen got a total victory. She ended up convincing them that they should work for her and go kill the spider in the inner keep.

(Fortunately an outer keep of friendly kobolds resulted in safe camp opportunities, and plenty of water sources, though it meant that the halfling needed to cook enough for everyone. Cooking twist- the kobolds claim first dibs and steal your food.)

Thief: “I have a plan. I need a bottle or flask.”
Fighter: “I don’t want to dump out my oil…”
Cleric: “I don’t want to dump out my holy water…”
Halfling: “I know! I’ll Scavenge a bottle, here, in the tower that is the spider’s lair.”
ob 7 to scavenge something useful in a dungeon, +1 ob for spiderwebs everywhere. Failure triggers an early attack by the spider.

The fight against the Stone Spider was rough- afterwards two members were injured and the rest exhausted. They did not have many checks this time, and still had their conditions after resting, but the Kobold Queen showered them with copper coins and some other junk they had lying around.

They went back, searched the spider tower again, found some Gems. (yay!), then searched the stables.

Fighter: “I want to Scavenge a magic item!”
GM: “Sure, why not? obstacle 15.”
Fighter fails to get 15 successes on 2 dice.

Twist: The Lord of the Manor, a Barrow Wight shows up. Cleric taps nature to cast Fury of the Lords of Life and Death but whiffs the roll, taxing his nature down a level. Group sets up a flee conflict, and is eliminated on the first action. With no compromise.

That’s where we ended the session- with the group at the mercy of the GM and a vengeful Barrow Wight.

Great recap!


Instinct: Always dump holy water when I know we’re facing giant (not undead) spiders.

The outcome of the conflict was that Drao the Fighter was horribly cut in twain, and everyone else fleed, either Afraid or Exhausted. They ran into the courtyard, bumping into the wizard, who explained that he had just pissed off the kobolds by using his Arcane Seeming to try and impersonate their queen.

They managed to cut a deal with Roz, one of the other kobolds, who wanted them to off the Queen. A failed Alchemy test to prepare the poison and a failed Cooking test to make a delivery mechanism resulted in a dish the Queen didn’t want to eat, but then the Halfling threw a tantrum and managed to bully the Queen into eating it. The poison instead made her act a little crazy, so the PCs chased her down and managed to subdue her. Roz showered them with some slighty useful gifts.

Returning to town battered and bruised, the party rested at inns (except the Dwarf, who still has both Afraid and Exhausted). The Brewers Guild was on watch, so no Alchoholic Beverages were available for purchase, and the Market had burned down, so they couldn’t hock the extra weapons they acquired or buy extra rations, so gathering up some supplies is going to be key in the next adventure phase.