Miscellaneous Questions on First Reading

The PDF I downloaded says “corrected_r22_r2” so I don’t know if there is a newer version.

Looks like the character sheet only lists the skills that you can pick as a specialty but doesn’t list them all. Did anyone make a play aid that condenses all the skill options for the players, it seems like laborer would come up the most.

Were the Thief and Paladin ever planned for a larger release or are they only for kickstarter folks?

It lists the player deck as a game component and I had trouble finding info about it, what is its planned use? It is something different from a play aid that can be printed?

You can cast spells from a spell book as if it were a scroll, can you have multiple copies of a single spell in your spell book?

Blessing of Light Spell doesn’t describe how the light version can be used. It says a globe of light is created but does this just float or does he hold it, can he pass it off? A no-hands torch that lasts an entire adventure phase seems really good.

Afraid says it stops you have “helping” in conflicts, does this mean the Help action or you can’t take any actions?

Can you leave and enter town right away to haggle again, or is there an amount of adventure that is required?

It says Porters run at the first say of danger, does this mean they don’t enter dungeons?

I’ve got answers to some of these. Not sure about others.

The Thief and Paladin, levels 2-5, should be coming in a couple weeks. The first-level benefits/stats are linked to in this public update, in the first paragraph.

Player deck is in the works; it’s a bunch of play aids like cards for conflict actions.

Afraid means that you can’t provide helping dice to characters. You still take actions.

When you leave town, you make a Lifestyle test. When you enter town, you make a roll for Town Events. If players are willing to incur both of those risks for the sake of getting a “free” Haggle, so be it. :wink: (But no, you really should be giving them an Adventure phase in between.)

I think Porters do go into a dungeon with you, but if a monster shows up they flee, and if you get chased off then your porters might get eaten by the monsters so you won’t have them anymore. They also might refuse to go into an area that they believe to be infested with monsters until your group clears them out. Really it’s up to the GM to play them as NPCs, the important thing is that they never offer help in conflicts, ever. That’s how I read that anyway.

I’m pretty sure r22_r2 is the latest PDF.