Miseries & Misfortunes Book 6: Paris, 1648

Hello my friends,

I come to you today with news of Miseries & Misfortunes Book 6: Paris, 1648. First, a preview of the front cover of the book, which is a section of Stefano Della Bella’s masterpiece La Perspective du Pont Neuf de Paris.

I have been frantically working to finish this book this year as I am desperate to get it into your hands. The layout is currently being read by our final editor, and it is slow going as we’re trying to regularize all of the French language words and names. While it is my fondest wish to get Paris 1648 out to you before the end of the year, we are but a ship on a storm-tossed sea, subject to the vagaries of the winds of fate. Who knows if we shall stay the course or be blown to some distant shore of further delay?

While you await the conclusion of this story, I humbly present to you the first chapter, Lutetia, My Reflection. I hope you find it intriguing. If you find any typos or other issues, you can let me know here!



It’s very satisfying to have watched you plug away at this over the years and now see its completion on the horizon!


bonne nouvelle!

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Excellent! On est tres excite pour cette bonne nouvelle!

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Just curious for the revised/updated timeline. Cheers!


I received another batch of edits from the editor this weekend. We’re 50% complete with this edit.


Edits are finally complete. We’ll go to press as soon as I can get the files organized.


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