Missing Thread

Since the site is back up and running, I noticed a thread that I started is now missing. Is there something to this: was it just lost, did I overstep copyrights (it was a hack expansion), something else?



He said in the other thread that backups were restored to the 25th–was it newer than that? Or was it. . . a sinister conspiracy?

Any thread created between the 25th and the 1st got nuked when the host got deleted. I can’t recall any time that we’ve deleted a thread for reasons other than blatent ultra-spam, so I think you’re safe.


Doesn’t mean it wasn’t a sinister conspiracy.

Clearly, chemtrails wiped the server.

I will note that it was right after a very interesting thread on Ds&Ds came up that the forum went down–and all evidence was erased.

Remember: the first rule of Ds&Ds is you don’t talk about Ds&Ds.