Mission Design Sheet

I came up with this to aid in designing my missions and thought I’d share it. Any input would be appreciated.

Mission Design Sheet.docx

Bit too rigid a format; the player turn is also not restricted to just those activities, nor even just one each.

I did one, as well, in a different format, back in november or early december… http://www.burningwheel.org/forum/showthread.php?t=6700

You can see another approach to it. I don’t plan anything for the player turn, since I go hands off, and let them narrate until I think they need a roll to do what it is they are trying.

What is the .docx file extension, I can’t seem to figure out how to get this to open on my Mac…perhaps a pdf version?

use text edit on 10.3+

still can’t get it to work…oh well, I would have liked to see another example while I design my own.

.docx is the ms word 2007 format. Word 2003 will automatically convert it back into a .doc file for you. Not sure if other programmes will convert it for you though.

This requires a download a conversion utility from Microsoft. At least, it did for me. When I tried opening it in Word 2003, it prompted me to get the utility.

my mac reads it as some sort of zip file, that unzips into a copy of itself…very maddening.

For Mac users:


does this help you?

We use it at our school.

Ah, I cannot help in that case.

RedwallRanger, could you save it again as a .doc file (which ms word 2007 allows) and repost it?

I actually don’t have any version of Word anymore, I was using a work computer for that, but here is a pdf version. Sorry its taken me so long to get this up here.