Mission feedback please

Hi, I’ve never run or written for Mouse Guard before, yet I find myself about to host a long-running game, and as such I’m jumping in with both feet. I’m writing six missions per season, the idea being that I can (A) pick and choose missions as I get a better feel for my players or (B) give them a choice of missions or © run one or two missions per “year” or (D) run really long seasons.

Here’s the mission ideas I have so far some are more complex than others, and occasionally my inspiration will be obvious. Seeing how as I’m a tenderpaw, I’d love some feedback.


The party is delivering mail, they drop off letters in Port Sumac, go to Lonepine, the road to Lonepine is obscured by water, and some guardsmice beginning work on what appears to be a bridge. The bridge builders are happy to lend a boat in exchange for assistance. If the party helps, they will be welcome and will also hear the tale of how the bridgebuilders were nearly eaten by a snapping turtle who had buried its self in the mud nearby. Things in Lonepine go well enough, except that while there, discover some letters for town Port Sumac were mislabeled and they must go back. When they get back to Port Sumac they find it in ruins, the mice gone save one who remains, driven mad by whatever happened, raving about the crushing worm in the earthen mound that appears to have risen in the center of town. The mound is, in fact, a snapping turtle that has dragged its self to the spot and buried its self after eating every mouse in its path.

The Mission: There are rumors of a thieves guild forming. That they even have secured a tall tree to use as a base of operations. Also that a small militia is forming in one of te nearby towns to destroy anything the thieves built and “deal with” the thugs. The guardmice are to get there first, apprehend the thieves, and claim this treetop fortification for the Guard before it gets destroyed by the angry mob or anything else gets stolen. They traverse a half frozen swamp. When they arrive at the thieves den, they discover that it is, in fact, a group of reformed, exiled criminals attempting to start a new town. (they have ideas about an acorn based industry). Now to deal with that angry mob…

The party is sent out to help gather supplies for Lillygrove, and are boating to the nearby island to gather ___ when a hungry Pike sinks the boat. The mice are now stranded on the island and need to get word out for rescue, as well as figure out what to do about that fox they just discovered on the island with them.

The Mission: A pair of guardsmice was sent on a mission to clear new growth from a trail are taking much too long to arrive at their destination. The PCs are sent to investigate, and depending on what they discover, aid them or bury them and finish the job.
The party discovers the trail is cleared nicely in the beginning, really expertly done. Before long discover a shrike attempting to snag a mouse from her hiding spot among the roots of a tree. If they dispatch it the young mouse tells them that there is an illness in her (nearby) town. The Guards were gathering a particular herb the town healers require when the shrike snapped them up.

A bad mouse by the name of Tander Whitefoot, did some bad stuff but got caught. Specifically, killing mice from a long distanceusing unusual looking arrows. He’s a classic clever, calm serial killer. [Hannibal Lector as a model.] He’d hide his victims by feeding them to a local raven, who has become quite fond of Whitefoot and has even been known to assist with his murder plots. He was caught by the Mouse Guard, and since he committed his crimes in a variety of locations, it was decided the guard should handle his punishment. Gwendelyn refused to exicute a fellow mouse, and so he’s being brought to the border for exile and the PCs are to escort him. He makes three solid attempts to escape, once with reason trying to convince the PCs to let him go, once with simply running, and once by picking a fight. He has opportunities to do all these things because it’s unseasonably warm. When he escapes/is at the border he whistles for a raven who flies him towards the heart of the territories.

Sp5B] (a few missions after 5A)
The Mission: Somebody has tampered with the scent trail formula and the new stuff isn’t nearly as effective. The party must find out who and why than stop them from ever doing this again. Gwendolyn is sending the party first to Sprucetuck to get a fresh batch, than to the border between Sprucetuck and Barkstone to help distribute it. Than they must investigate to discover the culprit and bring him/her to justice.
It turns out to be Tander Whitefoot. He’s bitter about his exile and blames the guard. He was attempting to invite large predators in knowing the guard would fight them to the last. After being discovered, if possible he’ll escape with a raven again.

The Mission:A small group of flying squirrels has been holding a western border town hostage all winter, demanding food and supplies in return for not eating mouse children. This was brought to the Guard’s attention by way of an anonymous note sent from that town. The guard investigates and discovers this to be the case, but before they can stop the squirrels, weasels pop out and kidnap the guard and the squirrels. The two groups must now work together to get back home.


The party is clearing a trail in the southern portion of the territories when they hear that a mouse visiting relatives disappeared somewhere between Appleloft and Gilpledge The family would like the Guard to investigate. (It’s a snake)

A tree has fallen, devastating the wall around Pebblebrook, and the people there are working hurriedly to repair their vulnerable position. The Mice there have declined help from the Guard since they see them less than favorably. Recently, some mice captured a ferret skulking around the territories, and it mentioned a raid a small number of weasels were planing on the exposed city. Gwendolyn needs some brave volunteers to race to Pebblebrook, warn Mice more likely to drive the guard off than listen and help defend them against the threat.

Su3] If I run this one, it will take up the whole summer
A huge caravan of trade goods is being transported from Sprucetuck to Port Sumac, but experience says that this shipment will make a particularly ripe target for scavengers and predators alike. Gwendolyn has assigned this party to take charge of guarding the caravan. She has assigned them ten GuardMice who will follow their orders until the job is done.

the mice under their care will be cookie-cutter Guardmice from pg 193

The path, stopping to pick up and leave carts/supplies in each town
Sprucetuck-Elmoss-Copperwood-Rootwallow-Rootwallow-Shorestone-Mapleharbor-Sandmason-Burl-Grasslake-Wolfpointe-Port Sumac
Between Sprucetuck and Elmoss
A flock of sparrows will descend en masse and attempt to raid the grain cart
Between Elmoss and Copperwood
Squirrels will dash out of hiding and attempt to steal from the seed carts.
Between Copperwood and Rootwallow
Critters:Crow trying to steal shiny things from the cart from Copperwood
Between Rootwallow and Shorestone
Between Shorestone and Mapleharbor
Weather: rainy
Illness sweeps across the caravan

Between Mapleharbor and Sandmason
easy trip…no troubles. I’ll probably keep the players in suspense the whole time

Between Sandmason and Burl
A lightning strike hits a branch and it falls to shatter a wagon from Elmoss

Between Burl and Grasslake
Weather: Rainy
Otter trouble as they cross the water.

Between Grasslake and Wolfpointe
Weather:Warm and humid without a cloud in the sky.
A broken axel needs tending to
Mice from Burl and Elmoss get into a full-out brawl

Between Wolfpointe and Port Sumac
Weather:Warm and humid without a cloud in the sky.
Critters:Skunks will bully their way into the lines and try to steal the whole thing.
Mouse Trouble: A mouse from Rootwallow gives birth.

I’ve also got an NPC list worked out for the Guard Mice, Merchants and Tradesmice.

The Party is delivering mail to Downrock when it’s discovered that someone has been stealing from the grain silo, The Party is deputized and asked to step in, investigate (the captain of the town guard is a huge fan of Mouse guard) and arrest the fiend so that he or she may stand trial. When they discover the culprit, the thief will run for it into the wood and lead a mighty chase. The chase will end with the guilty party being jumped and gulped down by a sizable bullfrog.

If I can endear them to the guilty one, do it.

It’s a heat wave and a drought, aside from fire duty, there simply isn’t enough activity for the Guard to keep terribly busy. Members are dispatched to various locations throughout the territories. Early one morning there is a spear in the earth in front of Lockhaven’s gate. Tied to it like a flag is a bloody Mouseguard cape (it is confirmed that there is a member of the guard wit that color cape and this is their spear) the spear is pinning a map to the ground/ The map is of the territories with a little X over the location of each Guardmouse out on duty and on the back “Dear, (party names here) She was just the first, stop me if you can. Signed, Tander Whitefoot” .

A storm has kicked up, the tropical kind. It is sudden and fierce. The sky is first blackened by the clouds, than light up anew by the sheets of lightning. The earth just about shakes with the ferocity of thunder and the rain seems to fall in a steady stream, except when its being pushed by the gale force winds. It’s clear that any mouse caught in open country is at serious risk of death. The party is escorting a family merchants to Ironwood when it starts up. Fortunately for the party, there’s a hollow log nearby, it’s just perfect for getting out of the storm. The bad news is that there is a skunk inside, sleeping out the storm. Now to keep scared/bored kids quiet.

Coming soon; Fall and winter!

Kobold, these missions are all well and good (might I suggest visiting Skinnyghost’s Mission Flowchart thread; it’s excellent for keeping things tidy and orderly), but they are missing an essential part of the MG experience: challenging the characters’ BIGs- Beliefs, Instincts, and Goals.

Challenging these is really what sets MG missions apart from other ‘adventures’. If one fails to do this, one is genuinely missing full emersion in the MG experience. I would suggest starting with character BIGs, then designing missions specifically to put the characters at odds with them. Make them decide between acheiving one’s Goal or sticking to one’s Beliefs (that is to say that accomplishing the former will put the character at odds with the latter), or test a character’s Instinct by making it counterproductive to acheiving a Goal, etc. This is where MG (and the players/characters) will really shine.

Most of all, though, have fun!


Ah, I thought something was off.