Mission idea: Weasel's Son = Mouse Spy

So I was posting over on the Lockhaven thread titled “What animals converse/understand Mice?”

Anyway, there I posted a quip:

Heh, could also be neat to see a story of a baby mouse “adopted” and raised by a devious up-and-coming weasel that wanted to use the mouse as a spy. Muwhahaha!

Anyway, this got my brain cells firing. “This would make an awesome mission!”

So… what would it be like if some dubiously crafty weasel had the forethought to “adopt” that baby mouse of a newly conquered settlement, or ambushed caravan?

Fast-forward a few seasons and what do y’all think the mission would look like?

P.S. And yes, I know this rings close to Darth Vader and his apprentice Starkiller, but hey, it’s a good story.

Weasels kept a fair-sized mouse population at least as far back as 1144*. Assuming that mice age at a human-ish rate (reasonable from the age ranges for the ranks), a mouse born in… oh, '38 or '39 could be used that way. That’d give you a 13- or 14-year-old spy today; a little young to be out wandering on his own, but a great age for a Patrol (yours, of course!) to find with a sob story (“Hawks carried off my parents, and now I’m all alone in the world!”) and take under their paw. That would place the spy perfectly to gather highly damaging information, and make your PCs look reeeeeeeally bad when the other shoe drops.

Would you give the spy Nature (Weasel) to reflect her raising? Or Nature (Mouse) for his genes? Aggressive and Gloating would be hard things to pass off as Mouse behavior, but Clever would get her by for quite a while (especially used to mimic Mouse traits like Hiding, Escaping, and Foraging, for added camouflage!)

*Saxon to the bats of Darkheather in Winter 1152: “I was here eight years ago [presumably as a weasel prisoner], and so were you.”