Misterious town

In the general map of the role-playing game there is a village between windselm and elmwood, its name is not clear on the map and I can’t get any information. Can someone help me?

Thank you!

This is a map of only the settlements with text labels in a plain typeface. Maybe it does not belong here, but it gives any player a chance to get the correct spelling.

For Lockhaven, I used the circle simply because it is a Guard citadel rather than a settlement for residents. Frostic, Calogero, and Windselm are marked with triangles as the smallest settlements of outposts.

I kept the indication of the pond, lakes, seas, and island. Those names are partly custom-brew (i.e. not everyone uses Grass Lake to name the lake beside Grasslake).

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In this picture you can see the town between Windselm and Elmwood.

You’d have to ask whoever added that town to the original. I’m guessing this is from someone’s campaign. I don’t even think Windselm is on any of the original maps.

May I ask where you found this?

Echo from me! That looks custom-made.

Do you know the source and whether any written content accompanied the custom map?

I found it on google, so maybe you are right and is a custom-made map. Thanks anyway!