Mixing armor question

On p:480 it says:“Half sleeves reduce the armor on the arms and the clumsy weight penalties for Agility, climbing, throwing and shooting. Half leggings recue the armor on the legs and the clumsy weight for Speed.”…how much does it reduce it?? Half? Completely? According to the new number of protective dices?


At the bottom of page 478, it says that Arms and greaves affect Agility, throwing and shooting. Leggings affect Speed and climbing.

If we then look at the table at the top of page 480, it’s easy to determine. Only plated mail half sleeves and half leggings offer any kind of clumsy weight obstacle penalties. Plated mail half sleeves confer a +1 Ob penalty to agility, throwing and shooting. Plated mail half leggings confer a +1 Ob penalty to Speed and climbing.

Oh I see! thanks!