MoBu: no emotional attributes?

I’ve been reading the MoBu and I can’t find any emotional attributes in it…not even mentioned. Except p: 101-102 but its not clear.

So I have a couple questions, they might be naive since I know MoBu is for revised ed. I’m currently using gold ed. So maybe theres something i miss here…

1- I f I wanna burn a stock, create my own race like gnomes for examples. Should I burn them an emotional attribute myself according to how I want them? If so should I use the stat burner? Like gnome could have naivety as an emotional attribute for example.

2- In the same sense, I’ve noticed that Rodden, Great spiders, Great wolves and Trolls don’t have emotional attributes in their respective sections. Is it a new stats for Gold ed. or it’s because they simply don’t have any? Do you recommend leaving it that way or can I simply burn one with the stat burner. By reading the Rodden section I felt like Bitterness could match them well as an emotional attribute.

3- Am I missing something? What would you recommend?

Thanks a lot!

There’s a section on Emotional Attributes in the Magic Burner.

Emotional Attributes are inherently about playing characters who are unable to settle down, or at least that’s how it seems to me. An Emotional Attribute is about a character’s march onwards, until they’re incapable of existing in the present world. For the Elf, this world’s suffering is too much for their spirit to endure. For the Dwarf, the world of riches is the most compelling, until it becomes all-consuming. For the Orc, every single thing becomes so loathsome that they cannot abide it. For the Faithful Man, they become so hallowed that the world cannot contain them.

Really, Emotional Attributes are about a fundamental incompatibility between this world and the character. So, not every stock needs one.

Emotional Magic, p. 101.

Great Wolf Spirit Hunters get Ancestral Taint as an emotional attribute. Roden get Faith as an emotional attribute.

Ok thank you!

I just received MaBu. p: 275 Emotional attribute section just answered all my questions and confirmed what I thought. The three supplement books are just awesome! Great job guys…i’m a fan.

Yes, it’s DIY for new emotional attributes. While I find the idea of gnomes with naiveté as their attribute, I can’t imagine how that would work. For one thing, naiveté usually doesn’t increase…

Emotional attributes are about the passions that drive not just a person but an entire race. Not every race has one, or at least not every member of every race. They need a drive and an “endgame” at 10.

You know how that might play out in a cool way? Gnomes have a sort of–I don’t know what the word would be, not naivete–detachment from the world, an innocence at odds with it. As they journey onwards and see bad things happening, it only serves to increase that sense of innocence, as a sort of defense mechanism. They’re literally too good for this world. And when they hit 10–I’m not sure exactly what it looks like, but they can’t exist in this world any longer; it’s too broken for them.

Yes, thats what I tryed to express. Innocence is a good word when they reach ten they totally lost it and they might not be considered gnome anymore…they loose their innocence a gnome body with a jaded or faded mind wich refuses to see the world in a gnomish way and become paranoid and psychotic.

Actually, you’re saying opposite things. CarpeGuitarrem is talking about becoming more and more innocent until gnomes dissociate entirely from the dirty and broken mundane world. You’re describing progressive loss of innocence. I have a semantic objection to that: the emotional attributes count up, so Elves have more Grief and Orcs have more Hate. If you want gnomes to be less innocence then you can’t call the stat innocence. Maybe Cynicism or Weariness.

While it doesn’t strike me as stereotypically gnomish, a race burdened by the weight of the world constantly disappointing and failing them seems like it could be really cool. The Obs for advancement seem like they might resemble Grief, but with a sufficiently different twist. And a lot of the behavior suggested in Greed and Hate sounds like good Obs for Weariness if you’re on the receiving end!

Really good point here Wayfarer. Thanks! You kinda opened my eyes on something I was not getting right. You’re also pointing out a difficulty with Emotional Attribute burning wich is the redundant nature of some of them. For example, (excuse my english lack of semantic rigor here, im french) Grief, Bitter, Cynism, Weariness, etc, can be really similar in nature and in progression. Trying to build the scale of those would definitly have similarities in scenes and arc. Tough I would argue that it’s possible to distinguish them if your personnal understanding of these emotions is thorough enough. Applying a solid step by step procedure from MaBu would greatly help I think. Thanks man!

Oh, they’re definitely different attributes even if they are a little bit alike! It’s fine for there to be similarity, in my opinion. And it’s fine to have them be identical too, but then I would keep exactly the same name.