Modding the Books

I’d like to start a thread about book modification. Do you leave your books as they are or do you add book marks / page markers, a thumb index, book clasps or similar appliqués?

Here are pictures of my old (2011) BWG printing with some mods:

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(I wouldn’t choose this color for the ribbon again and also apply different metal corners. The thumb index is brand new and still needs some keywords to be usable.)

Here’s my Torchbearer book (first printing) with a copper ribbon and copper book darts, both matching the copper lettering on the front cover nicely, and large but unobtrusive metal corners. I really like what I’ve done here.

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Wow! Where do you obtain those pieces that you’re adding on here?

That is really cool. A while ago I saw that adult colouring books had become a thing but I realised I already had loads of RPG books to colour in so I did a few of the pictures in both BWG and Torchbearer. Those corners I’d do now that I know it exists.

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Hm! That’s a cool idea. I used like some highlight paper tacks in my copy of Torchbearer (and I usually use something like that for books of roughly that size), but for some reason don’t like using them on smaller profile books like BW and the Cdx. Now that my copy of BWGR has arrived though, I might vandalise my old Gold copy a bit more. So far there’s mostly just corrections and annotations carefully written in pencil.

I usually get those things on Amazon or Ebay, but you can also get them at dedicated scrapbooking shops.

Search for:

  • “scrapbooking corner protectors”
  • “book ribbons” or “satin ribbons”
  • “book darts”

I still dream of finding an antique shop selling old book clasps of rotten alchemical works…


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