Monster Burner, etc....

Is there any way to still get a copy of the Monster Burner? It’s all the rage with the kids these days but can’t be found anywhere.

You could check Amazon (expensive) or haunt your local gaming book store. If you check for pdfs at burning wheel headquarters you might find something there. Definitely check out the wiki as players have posted a lot of things on it over the years.

Personally, I would love to see the following as either publications or at least, forum additions:
(1) Creature Codex: Alphabetical reference of all creatures great and small.
(2) Rogues Gallery: Generic yet acceptable organizations and individuals ready to help make your world go 'round.
(3) Magical Tomes: New spells and an update to the Magic Burner.
(4) Just the FAQ’s: A collection of frequently asked questions and official answers and insights for running the burning wheel.

you might want to look here:

You won’t find it cheaper.

My FLGS (after some prompting by me) has them on the shelves (while they last). I am in Canada and I think this implies Lion Rampant Imports still has a few if you’re in (or can get to) Ontario.